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Wedding Planning Course

NDIEM Wedding Planning Course in Delhi: Become an Expert Wedding Planner

Are you dreaming of a career in the wedding industry? Look no further than NDIEM, the premier Wedding Planning Institute in Delhi. Our Wedding Planning Course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic field.

At NDIEM, we offer a comprehensive Wedding Planning Course that covers every aspect of event management, from budgeting and vendor coordination to creative design and logistics. With our expert faculty and hands-on training, you’ll gain practical experience to become a successful wedding planner.

Our Wedding Planning Course in Delhi is the perfect opportunity to turn your passion for weddings into a lucrative profession. NDIEM’s commitment to excellence in education ensures that you receive top-notch training, setting you apart in the competitive wedding planning industry.

Enroll in NDIEM’s Wedding Planning Course today and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a certified wedding planner in Delhi. Join us at NDIEM, where we turn dreams into reality through our Wedding Planning Course.

Duration: 1 Years


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Our Wedding Planning Course not just helps you develop the aptitudes you need yo have to organise any wedding ceremony, it shows you the business aspects of planning too. As a highly-trusted Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi, we have designed the academic program of our Wedding Planning Course to encourage  you to become an eminent wedding planner in future. We have crafted our course for each kind of aspirant, and regardless of what your objectives are, we guarantee to give you the ideas you need to succeed. When you graduate, you will most likely begin a decent career.

Comprehensive Wedding Planning Course in Delhi 

Wedding Planning course by NDIEM is precisely intended for the aspirants intrigued only in Wedding Planning. It is apt for those who want to get optimal knowledge of the wedding industry in at least time. Our comprehensive academic program gives top to bottom learning to the understudy about the Wedding Decor, Stage Management, Production, Catering, and Florist work. Such extensive coverage makes us the most sought-after wedding planner institute in Delhi.

This is a well-established fact in all over the world that the Wedding Planning courses are the most demanding and a standout amongst the most talked calling nowadays. This is a result of the wedding planner educational institute like NDIEM which is thinking of new trends, advancement and renowned for the wedding planning course in Delhi. No big surprise, Wedding Planning presently transforming into a noteworthy calling picked by aspirants who have a talent for innovativeness and great administration aptitudes.

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    Prominent Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi

    The Certification in Wedding Planning Courses by NDIEM is the ideal educational course for the understudy who wants to begin a profession as a wedding organiser. This course covers all the required components of wedding planning beginning from the rudiments like picking a venue, subject-based stylistic theme, structuring stage and choosing cuisine and managing logistics. Our Wedding planning and event management courses meticulously help the students to prepare for the evolving business trends and allow them to sharpen their skills.

    Live your passion and develop your wedding planning and event organisational skills with us. Pursue our wedding planning courses to learn how to turn your event ideas into reality with our Certificate in Professional Wedding Planning, Styling and Design and become a proficient industry-ready Wedding Planner / Wedding Coordinator / Decorator.

    Why NDIEM is the Best Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi

    As the highly-renowned Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi, we ensure that you get to pursue an easy-to-follow yet an extensive academic course that allows you to learn at your own pace and simultaneously provide you with the in-depth and yet practical knowledge you need to have a promising career as a professional wedding planner/wedding coordinator. Through our extensive wedding planning course in Delhi, you get to master your skills in the following aspects of wedding planning.

    • Wedding Planning and Organisation
    • Latest Wedding Design and Trends
    • Professional Client Management
    • How To Find and Manage the Venues
    • Wedding Decor and Styling
    • Floor Plan and Room Design
    • How To Work With Vendors
    • Logistics, Marketing and so on

    Join us to have a promising career as a wedding planner while earning generously and make a successful living.


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    Wedding Planning Course